The goal of “STRONG is beautiful” is to build personal strength and confidence, by challenging you to become the best that you can be through functional strength movements and bodyweight exercise.  Physical confidence breeds inner confidence and strong, proud teens and adults.

The Holidays are almost here ALREADY! Why not start NOW?  There is never a better time to start something new than while you are thinking about it! And  if you start now, it will already be a habit by the time 2018 rolls around!  Why wait?

The SiB Barbarians have spent a great year working on lifting techniques and competing in local competitions.  It has been a ton of fun.  For those of you who are interested, this is a weight lifting specific add-on for those of you looking for a bit more than our usual.  The goal of these classes is to get STRONGER by moving heavier amounts of weight.  It is separated as a unique class because the main goal of SiB is to enhance FUNCTIONAL fitness, strength and conditioning - for overall health & athletic success.

Throughout 2016 and into 2017, we have continued to grow and accomplish new things at SiB.  We watched our athletes make competitive select and travel teams, saw our seniors go on recruiting visits, and watched our college athletes make their mark.  We had SiB high school athletes win State titles in baseball, softball and track, as well as earn SMAC titles in lacrosse & volleyball. 
Our adults and teens are playing sports, running races, competing in fitness competitions and mud runs, and enjoying the successes that come from being fit and healthy. We strive to constantly evolve to fit the needs of our SiB family, and look forward to a new year full of new & familiar faces.
I will keep updating the website and the Facebook page (LIKE us)!  I am also updating and posting pics on INSTAGRAM (deniqbee) so please check in regularly on any or all of our social media.....the pictures from classes and the workouts go out on a daily basis, so it is a great way to see what everyone is up to!
THANKS AGAIN to everyone who is helping to spread the word!
All of my STRONG girls & guys ROCK!
From our very humble beginnings, we have come a long long way.  What started out as a way to introduce young girls to fitness has evolved into a unique fellowship of athletes from everywhere!  We still have our young ladies, who are all incredibly awesome.  But we also have incredible adult women who are challenging themselves to be better and fitter versions of themselves.  We have high school athletes spending time preparing in the off-season. We have teams who work together to get in shape to take themselves and their teams to the next level.  It's inspiring EVERYDAY to watch what everyone can do!!  STRONG is BEAUTIFUL.  In every way.  Every day!



10 session pass OR monthly unlimited