The goal of “STRONG is beautiful” is to build personal strength and confidence, by challenging you to become the best that you can be through functional strength movements and bodyweight exercise.  Physical confidence breeds inner confidence and strong, proud teens and adults.

MAY is BOGO 1/2 month at SiB!  Summer is coming.  NOW is the time to grab a friend and get started!  You get your monthly session fee at 1/2 price when you introduce someone new to Strong is Beautiful!

School is back in session and our athletes are getting ready for winter and spring sports.  We have Mixed Open Sessions for teens & adults EVERYDAY to accommodate as many of you as possible.  Grab a friend and come check it out!  If you haven't started yet,  NOW is the time to make fitness a part of your regular routine. NOW is the time to start!! NOW is the time to check out what STRONG is Beautiful can do for you!!!
2015 has been a year of growth and promise at SiB.  In our first year, we watched our athletes make competitive select and travel teams, and saw our seniors go on recruiting visits for their respective sports.  We took a small group of girls who wanted to get fit, and grew into a great, exciting group of teens and adults working hard to become strong and fit....for sports and for life.  We are playing sports, running races, competing in fitness competitions and mud runs. We are preparing for even bigger and better things this year.  It has been my pleasure to work with you all this year, and I can't wait to see what this new year brings to all of us!
I will keep updating the website and the Facebook page (LIKE us)!  I am also updating and posting pics on INSTAGRAM (deniqbee) so please check in regularly on any or all of our social media.....the pictures from classes and the workouts go out on a daily basis, so it is a great way to see what everyone is up to!
THANKS AGAIN to everyone who is helping to spread the word!
All of my STRONG girls & guys ROCK!
The STRONG Studio
205 Kent Avenue, LaPlata

DROP IN Open Session Mon/Wed/Fri  7:30 am & 3pm
Tu/Th 6:30pm 
Saturday 8:30am
ADULT sessions: Everyday 4:30pm 
Mon/Wed/Thur 5:30 pm

**Team Sessions are scheduled on a team by team basis...
please contact me for details.

PERSONAL TRAINING ALSO AVAILABLE...please contact me for details.

Rates are $10 pp drop in or $75 for a 10 session pass
Unlimited MONTHLY pass $65.
From our very humble beginnings, we have come a long long way.  What started out as a way to introduce young girls to fitness has evolved into a unique fellowship of athletes from everywhere!  We still have our young ladies, who are all incredibly awesome.  But we also have incredible adult women who are challenging themselves to be better and fitter versions of themselves.  We have high school athletes spending time preparing in the off-season. We have teams who work together to get in shape to take themselves and their teams to the next level.  It's inspiring EVERYDAY to watch what everyone can do!!  STRONG is BEAUTIFUL.  In every way.  Every day!




OPEN sessions focus on conditioning and agility for all ages.  Various modifications will be presented to challenge the participant at every level.  Plyometrics, footwork & core strength will all be incorporated.



Beginner/Intermediate classes are for the beginning athlete, with an emphasis on conditioning and FUN, combined with footwork, agility and power movements.  Expect to work hard here, experience some sore muscles and push yourself for 45-50 minutes, with a little bit of tag thrown in.



Advanced classes are for the seasoned competitor.  These classes are to take you to the next level of fitness and help you accomplish the goals of getting faster and stronger.  Expect more advanced agility and power movements, body weight exercises and resistance training.  You will work hard and sweat hard for this hour long class.



10 session pass